Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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The National Council for Children's Services(NCCS) is mandated to exercise general supervision and control over the planning, financing and coordination of child rights and welfare activities and to advice the Government on all aspects thereof. The Councils objectives include the following:

  •  To provide enabling policy and conducive legislative framework.
  •  To promote and participate in enforcement of existing legislations and policies on children.
  •  To mobilize resources for delivery of child rights and welfare activities.
  •  To establish and operationalize coordination mechanism on service delivery to children.
  •  To enhance research on children issues and create conducive environment for sharing research  
  •  To advocate for child rights and welfare.
  •  To enhance monitoring and evaluation of children activities and programmes.
  •  To coordinate the implementation of the national child protection framework.
  •  To mainstream children issues in Vision 2030.

In order to achieve the above objectives,the Council's activities are grouped into four thematic areas namely:

  •     Policy development and legal issues;
  •     Resource mobilization management and organizational development;
  •     Planning, research, monitoring and evaluation; and
  •     Advocacy, media participation and partnerships.